Wagner-Smith Equipment Co. - Equipment Rental Catalog


Our extensive inventory of stringing blocks, aerial blocks and block accessories are ready for the job. We have everything from single conductor to triple condcutor bundle blocks. Need Y-Balls with those? All block orders come with y-balls to keep you moving down the line.

Unit Performance • Torque Rate: 600,000” lbs. • Avg. Line Speed: 4 mph • Line Pull Rating: 20,000 lbs. Pulling Drum DIAMETER 66” INSIDE WIDTH 50” CORE DIAMETER 36” APPROX. LINE CAPACITY: 21,000’ 5/8” WIRE ROPE

Unit Performance • Torque Rate: 1,140,000” lbs. • Avg. Line Speed: 4 mph. • Line Pull Rating: 30,000 lbs. Pulling Drum DIAMETER 81” INSIDE WIDTH 50” CORE DIAMETER 42” APPROX. LINE CAPACITY: 25,000’ 3/4” WIRE ROPE

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